Fungayi Moyana

The love of money has brought a cop from Chivhu into ‘deep soup’ after he stole a cellphone from his female workmate and sold it in Harare.

Luckson Chikuwa(23) sneaked into Sibusikiwe Ndlovu’s room at Chivhu Police camp and stole a Gtel 718 Explora cellphone.

It is alleged that at about 8pm in the evening, Chikuwa entered Chivhu police camp unlawfully since he was off duty.

Chikuwa who was in uniform and pretended to be on duty sneaked into Ndlovu’s room and stole a cellphone before quickly disappearing into the night without anyone recognising him.

Coming back from work, Ndlovu was shocked to find her cellphone stolen and immediately contacted G tel in Harare for mobile tracking.

All hell was let loose when the cellphone was tracked and found in Harare in the hands of Cleopas Maburutse.

He confessed that he brought it at Seke flyover from Tinei Tagwada a dealer who had bought it from a police officer in Chivhu leading to Chikuwa’s arrest.

Chikuwa is out of custody and is to appear in court on the 20th of May.