Shakespeare Muzavazi


A recent car accident involving Team Tingoringo candidate Duncan Mpaso has raised eyebrows among some quarters of the public who strongly suspect foul play in the incident.


This reporter has established that, Duncan Mpaso who is vouching for the Entertainment Ministerial post in the coming Student Representative Council (SRA) was travelling from Mashava to Masvingo this morning when a white Nissan Hard body smashed the back of a Toyota Fun Cargo he was travelling in.


In a telephone interview after the gruesome incident, Mr Mpaso argued that the accident is a plan by his political rivals to assassinate him before the election that is due on the 16th .


“The way the accident happened clearly indicates that someone wants me dead, a Nissan hard body just crashed into the back of the Fun Cargo I was travelling in, this resulted in the car losing control before it swaved outside the road.


“What amazed me is that when the Nissan hard body smashed my car it just slowed down and took off…it was a hit and run,” he said.


Mr Mpaso who had slept in Mashava trying to campaign missed death by whisker, in the interview he confirmed that he is well but still in shock that someone was willing to spill blood over student politics.


This incident comes when tempers are flaring in the student politics arena where every union at Great Zimbabwe University is trying to gunner support from each corner in order to win seats in the SRC.