Prominent Zimbabwean social media influencer Shadaya Taona Knight has lambasted men who leak women’s intimate content, such as sextapes and nude pictures for whatever reason.

The act of Grootman leaking n_de content of his ex-partner Gcinile is deemed as deplorable behavior.

Knight asserts that there is nothing admirable or dominant about such actions.

He continues to advise men on social media, emphasising that, regardless of the circumstances of a breakup, it is unacceptable to disclose private content shared with a partner to the public.

“Grootman leaking nudes/sextape(s) of his ex Gcinile is bottom barrel behavior. There’s nothing cool or alpha about such disgusting behavior.

“Men, no matter how bad it goes between you and a woman, never sink so low to the point of leaking her nudes. There’s no justification whatsoever for leaking things you shared in private to the public

“When she sent you those nudes or made that sextape, as stupid as it is, she trusted you at that point. Let it be for your eyes only and your phone gallery, infact delete such things, once you’ve relieved that sexual tension

“It really says a lot about your character, if you can reveal such intimate things/moments you shared with a woman. What guarantee is there you can keep your mouth shut on other dealings. You’re a betrayal waiting to happen, not a friend to anyone

He goes on:

“Revenge p0rn is wrong. With that said, Gcinile isn’t a helpless victim in all this, rather she’s a participant. An architecture of her own misery. How? Her choice in men, is the reason why she is where she is.

“Grootman is a well known scammer, she got with him fully knowing this. And even defended him when people called him out for his scams. Meaning she benefited very well from his fraudulent activities. She could care less about the victims of Grootman’s shenanigans

“Now why should those victims care about her also being scammed by the same person. She was scammed into trusting him recording their bedroom activities only for him to share the video(s) with the whole world

“Let this be a lesson to women, when it comes to their choice of men, because they’re consequences. They will date

• a drug dealer then cry victim when he abuses them
• a gangster then complain when he threatens their life
• a scammer then complain when he betrays them
• a ritualist then cry victim when he wants to sacrifice them

She is no victim, rather a participant

Learn OR perish!!!