The Zimbabwean tycoon Wicknell Chivayo, with extravàgant spending and donations, raises questions about his sources of income.

According to the Newshawks, it is linked to the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

The publication takes a look:

As flamboyant Zimbabwean tycoon Wicknell Chivayo splurges money on an imposing mansion and donates cars to selected individuals weeks on end, while also making cash donations, questions abound as to where the money is coming from.

The NewsHawks has decided to follow the money around Chivayo and see where it leads to: Follow the money, the bank and the proxy, then get the answer.

Chivayo is making money out of the state-owned power utility Zesa and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

His deals with the electoral body are not in the public domain.

The NewsHawks is digging deeper into the contracts and will get to the bottom of it, but first the background.

Media reports say Chivayo has spent a fortune on luxury cars donated to high-profile individuals.

In total, he has bought more than 50 cars, spending over US$5 million in donations.
In January, he gave 50 members of his congregation Toyota Aqua vehicles worth US$400 000.

Some of the cars he has bought include a Toyota Hilux, Toyota Hilux D4D, Toyota Fortuner, S500 Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Mercedes-Benz GLE400d and Mercedes-Benz GLE350d 4matic, among others, for prominent people.

For himself, Chivayo has a fleet of supercars.

Last year, he showed off a fleet of six all-white imported luxury vehicles worth a staggering US$3.5 million parked at his mansion in Harare.

Chivayo has built an imposing mansion in the capital.

The Hollywood Beverly Hills-style imposing residential property in Gletwyn suburb, Chishawasha Hills, Harare — furnished by South Africa’s iconic interior design brand Norman Bakos Signature Collection — closely resembles former police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri’s estate in the same area. But the controversial tycoon says it is not the same villa.

Chivayo told The NewsHawks through messages: “No it’s a completely different house. I built it from scratch.”

Chivayo, who is a convicted criminal and controversial businessman entangled in corrupt state tender projects, has of late been donating cars and money to individuals and organisations like confetti at a wedding.

Zimbabweans are asking where his money comes from given his history of corrupt activities and proximity to Mnangagwa. The NewsHawks is currently investigating the story in detail.

When someone makes money using proximity to power – public offices – and from state tenders not awarded transparently and indeed when his deals have implications for public finances and accountability – a burden to taxpayers, he cannot be left alone as Chivayo’s fellow tycoon Kudakwashe Tagwirei has been demanding on him.

This shouldn’t be hard to understand.