Zimbabwean legendary musician Thomas Mapfumo, exiled in the United States for years, has told local tycoon Wicknell Chivayo to leave him alone and mind his own business, saying he doesn’t care about the US$700 000 offer and package which includes a house, car and cash.

Following a report by The NewsHawks, which Chivayo posted on his social media pages in which Mapfumo’s manager Sam Mataure said he was going to meet Chivhayo to reconsider the offer, Mapfumo dismissed the move, imploring Chivayo to leave him alone.

In a viral audio sent to Chivayo and Nehanda Radio, Mapfumo said:

“Hello Wicknell, it’s Mukanya here young brother; thought i should tell you to please stop bersmirching my name. Leave me alone.

“If you think what you arw doing is good for you, go ahead without involving my name. Don’t soil my reputation talking nonsense about me. I don’t know you and I have never met you.

“I just hear about you on the news. I don’t hate you, but leave me alone. Don’t play with my name. Don’t involve me in your stuff.

“I don’t want to be trade insults with you Wicknell. You are just too young for me to be dealing with; I am 78 years old now and I cannot be seen trading insults with you, Wicknell. I ask you again to leave my name alone.”