Image: Fox News

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has declared a ban on second-hand clothing from the West, citing that the items came from those who died in America or Europe.

He believes it is not healthy for the country’s citizens to wear second-hand clothes from abroad.

Meanwhile, the sale of imported second-hand clothes is prevalent in poverty-stricken Zimbabwe, most of these items are smuggled into the country.

In places like Mupedzanhamo, Mbare in Harare the sale of imported second-hand clothes is common.

In 2021, the police spokesperson in the southeastern Masvingo province, Charity Mazula, went on record in local media urging residents to heed the impact of the coronavirus and stop smuggling second-hand clothes that could potentially spread the virus.

Yet, this did not moved impoverished Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe first banned imports of second-hand clothes in 2015 in a bid to protect the country’s textile industry, although it relaxed the restrictions two years later.