Allen Gessen, 49, has been handed a 10-year prison sentence by a federal judge following his conviction for orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot against his ex-wife.

Gessen was found guilty of attempting to hire an undercover FBI agent, whom he believed to be a contract killer, to eliminate his former partner, Priscilla Chigariro, the mother of his two children. Federal prosecutors revealed that the motive behind the murder plot stemmed from a protracted dispute between Gessen and Chigariro, exacerbated by contentious child custody proceedings.

The elaborate scheme unfolded in 2022 when Gessen, unaware that he was dealing with law enforcement, initiated discussions with the undercover agent, expressing his desire to eliminate Chigariro and gain full custody of their children. Initially considering illegal deportation, Gessen eventually opted for murder, deeming it a “cheaper” and “more permanent” solution.

Court records indicate that Gessen had previously attempted to hire individuals from a foreign country to surveil and potentially kill Chigariro. However, upon learning of the exorbitant cost, he abandoned the plan.

Gessen proceeded to make a $25,000 down payment to the undercover agent, disguised as a payment for “consulting services,” with additional payments planned upon completion of the murder. He provided detailed information about Chigariro’s whereabouts and lifestyle to facilitate the execution of the plot.

Following a federal grand jury indictment in July 2022, Gessen, a licensed attorney in New York at the time, faced legal proceedings. Chigariro, who expressed shock upon learning of the charges, recounted the tumultuous nature of their relationship, describing instances of abuse and custody disputes.

After a week-long trial in May 2023, Gessen was convicted by a federal jury. In addition to his prison sentence, he will serve three years of supervised release upon completion of his term.