Missing Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) member Moreblessing Ali has been found dead.

Her body has been found in a well cut into two parts. The bottom from the waist on its own and the top the same with her intestines packed in a plastic bag.

Earlier on CCC Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said a body has been found in well, but could not disclose the identity of the person.

“Our security team that is on the ground in Nyatsime is working with
police to retrieve a mutilated body that has been found in a well located at the Chisango homestead in Nyatsime.

“We will release identification information shortly,” she said in a statement accompanied by Ali’s photo.

CCC deputy chairperson Job Sikhala had also said:

“Dear Zimbabweans:

“The news we are receiving is depressing.

“Keep on line. Will update u as soon as the process is complete!!”

“Police phoned Moreblessing Ali’s son Silence Ali asking to meet up with him at Chibhanguza Shops in Nyatsime and then go to some unmentioned place,” Hon Job Sikhala told ZimLive.

However, renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says the body belongs to Ali who was allegedly abducted by suspected ZANU PF thugs.

“They killed Moreblessing Ali.

“Her body was found in a well in Nyatsime.

“And they wonder why Zimbabweans say they are worse than Ian Smith,” he says.

It has since been confirmed that the body is indeed Ali’s and has been deposited at a mortuary awaiting postmoterm.

Meanwhile, the police has launched a manhunt for the suspect, who is linked to ZANU PF.