Citizens Coalition for Change CCC vice president Tendai Biti and Secretary General Charlton Hwende were yesterday ordered out of Parliament after a heated debate over the Pomona deal which is tainted by corruption.

The two MPs brought the matter to Parliament asking why the central government is meddling in council operations.

However, in kicking them out, Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda said the Pomona matter is before the courts and should not be debated in the House.

After being kicked out, Hwende wrote:

“I have just been expelled from Parliament together with Biti for demanding answers on the Pomona Dumpsite Scandal. We should continue fighting No cent should be paid to the looters.”

Commenting on the development, Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume said:

“I saw the video of you being kicked out of parliament. It really shows what we are up against.

“Now is not the time to lay down passively. This nation needs a revolution. A peaceful demonstration against the evils in this country!!!!”

Meanwhile, Hwende has called for a day of Protest every week against corruption & theft of public resources.

He says: “Let’s not be afraid the regime killed innocent people who were protesting in 2018 let’s not allow that unfortunate incident to be the reason why we don’t stand up against corruption.”