ZANU PF National Cell Day verdict! Hazvina kufamba mushe (I didn’t go well), the biggest problem being apathy. The cells are also becoming fishing ponds for everyone opposed to the GOP, data is all over Virtual Cells for food distribution more than Party mobilisation.

Cell Audits are more accurate than Afrobarometer poll surveys that gave ED a 51% popularity rating recently.

A turnout yesterday of less than a million ( ZANU PF sources) out of a possible 2.5m based on 50000 cells and 50 members per cell is damning. 

Party popularity is now below 2008 levels, be warned Two things are militating against the Party, an Economy that is serving none except leadership and its families and gross factionalism combined with a failure to unite the Party. Take heed!

I sign off by saying Party leadership should avoid going down with the Party, a suicidal trait that I even counselled RG against in persuading him to seek reintegration of G40 with the mainstream, 5 years later you are behaving the same.


Walter Mzembi, Twitter