Moreblessing Ali’s family lawyer Job Sikhala has threatened revenge on her death, she was reportedly murdered by ZANU PF ‘linked’ thugs.

Sikhala has called on Zimbabweans to liberate themselves from what he views as an oppressive regime.

“”It is up to Zimbabweans to be liberated.

“We are going to revenge Moreblessing Ali’s death which ever way.

“If they don’t apologise, they will perish,” Sikhala family lawyer said.

Sikhala added that there are more people who are willing to stir up Moreblessing’s spirit so that she avenges her death.

Apparently, the mutilated body of Ali was found in a well at the home to the prime suspect Simba Chisango.

According to some schools of thought he and his mother Linnah Mukandi knew about the body.

Zimbabwe has a long history and reputation of abductions and enforced disappearances.

MDC activist Patrick Nabanyana, campaign manager opposition leader David Coltart in 2000, journalist-cum-activist Itai Dzamara are some of the Zimbabwean citizens who were abducted and disappeared.

The police has not released any information or hints about them, leaving many asking if there has been efforts to solve the mysteries at all.

There hasn’t been arrests either.

-Zimlive/ Zwnews