Several recruitment agencies have implemented restrictions on hiring Zimbabwean individuals for cruise ship positions due to a history of workers not returning to their ships upon docking in foreign ports. These incidents have led to significant inconveniences and financial losses for cruise ship operators.

A prominent employment agency, Safe Cruise Agency, has made an official announcement on its website, confirming the suspension of recruitment for Zimbabwean candidates. Their statement reads, “We are currently unable to recruit citizens of Zimbabwe. We are not accepting new curriculum vitae submissions as there are no available positions for African passport holders this year. New positions will be announced, but not before 2024.”

In February of this year, reports emerged that the United States government was considering deporting Zimbabwean cruise ship workers due to perceived “migration risk.”

An internal human resources email leaked on February 20 revealed that Celebrity Cruises, a luxury ocean liner, informed its staff about a directive from Miami Customs and Border Control officers, stating that Zimbabwean workers would no longer be allowed to disembark from cruise ships in Miami, Florida.

Cruise ship companies typically rely on a diverse workforce from various countries to provide services to passengers during their voyages across the seas. Zimbabweans were once highly sought-after for their skills and strong work ethic, but the recurring instances of workers not returning to their ships have eroded trust and confidence in their reliability.

This ban is expected to have a significant impact on Zimbabwean job seekers who were previously attracted to the cruise ship industry as a source of employment and an opportunity to explore the world.