MASVINGO: Zimbabwe First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa was Friday afternoon booed in the country’s oldest town by angry bystanders as she entered and exited one of the supermarkets amid growing unpopularity of the first family.

According to sources, Auxillia, who is the health ambassador for the country and her security team had been to Masvingo General Hospital where she was assessing the drugs situation before proceeding to a cement manufacturing sight .

From there, the sources said, the first lady then headed for OK Supermarket where she was greeted by few people before hostility began.

“It was at OK with her and she was doing her shopping with her super security all over the place.

“Passerbys vabva vambomira kufamba vachiona and only a few people were ululating .

“When she was about to leave, people some started booing her showing their displeasure but she seemed not bothered as she went to her car, waving with a fist,” said the source.

The first lady has in the past few weeks, become less popular as citizens accuse her of meddling in government business affairs despite her not being a government office bearer.