A 15-year-old minor who was fast asleep awoke to severe pain in the groin only to find that there was a man who was forcing his manhood into her private parts, the Mwenezi Magistrate Court heard last week.
Clemence Chauke (23) of Turf village 5 under Chief Chitanga was not formally charged of rape when he appeared before magistrate Honest Musiiwa but was remanded in custody for the alleged offence.
The court heard that on the night of August 29 this year, Chauke went to Turf Village 4 and entered into a room where the girl was fast asleep. He softly sneaked into the minor’s blankets and inserted his manhood into her private parts.
The minor was awakened by the pains caused by the intruding foreign organ and upon being seen, the alleged rapist immediately ran away but the complaint managed to positively identify him. tell zim