Dear Cde ED
My dearest cde please be courageous enough to resign. Your future as Zanu PF numero uno is now non existent.
The Bindura Youth Interface rally showed how well informed the First Family is about the happenings in Zanu PF. You have nowhere to hide comrade Mnangagwa. It will be very difficult for you to rally your backers given your shameful history of failing to protect your protege. When Mphoko was acting President he shielded Tyson from arrest. That was a mark of a good leader in the eyes of G40 faction. VP Mnangagwa where are the following: Tomana, Kereke, Mutsvangwa, Matemadanda, Mahiya, Gomwe, Tsenengamu, Chinomona, Mutodi and others? You did not raise a finger of protest when the axe fell on them. Well, now it is your turn to face the music.
Even if Bob would suddenly get out of the picture the forces arraigned against you are insurmountable. You are a dead man walking. Your period of isolation is increasingly worsening. Even your military backers are under surveillance 24/7. Zanu PF activists supporting you are under the crouch.
You were there when Charamba was publicly humiliated in Chinhoyi and is now mute. Kazembe Kazembe was also publicly humbled in your full glare in Bindura. Imagine how Martin Dinha is feeling right now. The Bindura rally confirmed and endorsed Tyson as irreplaceable in a province where his attack started. Mps you sent to rebel against Tyson are now singing the blues and begging for mercy. As the Zanu PF primaries are fast approaching Tyson has been empowered to knock out Lacoste functionaries one by one. Watch space for the forthcoming primary elections.
Did you hear, Mr Lacoste Sir, the First Lady accusing you of nepotism? You left your beloved second wife Auxilia in charge of your constituency. Shame.
The President told you in the presence of your wife that your open zip misdeeds led to Majonga incapacitation. You are a cruel leader and not good enough to lead Zanu PF.
Yes the President attacked Prof Moyo but do not be fooled. It was the Prof’s misdeeds in the past…backing you during the infamous Tsholotsho Declaration. The plan was hatched in Chiyangwa’s house in Zvimba. So Tyson had the support of Bob when he attacked Chiyangwa? The President accused you of tribalism and Masvingo will be fixed. Your Paul Mangwana, Josiah Hungwe, Chadzamira, etc will be hammered. Mzembi will now be the godfather of Masvingo province.
Did you hear Grace’s testimony? When Mugabe was bedridden it was Sekeramayi who visited him. Sekeramayi is indeed very close to the First Family.
As we move towards the Zanu PF Conference in December your political career is receiving a serious blow. Ministers were warned against discriminating against Mphoko by inviting you and you alone yesterday.
Your standing in Zanu PF is diminishing by the day. It is more honourable to resign than the shellacking to are continuously receiving.