MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has called for an independent inquiry into matters surrounding the incarceration of MDC leader Joana Mamombe.

A Harare court remanded the legislator for Harare West Joana Mamombe in custody for two weeks for her to be examined by two government doctors after the State said that it suspects her of faking mental illness to avoid trial.

Magistrate Bianca Makwande said Mamombe has to be examined by doctors as the court cannot independently assess her mentality.

Said Chamisa, “The unlawful detention &sending to Chikurubi Maximum Prison of Youth leader &MP Hon Mamombe is another new low, a classic case of continuing victimization. It is clear that the State which is implicated in this case cannot deliver justice.

“We demand an INDEPENDENT INQUIRY! This continued persecution of these emblems of change is a direct threat to democratic tenets and freedom. Oppressors fear the power of the future that the young women represent. We stand with the young & fearless. We fight for their right to dignity, freedom and justice.

“The MDC trio represent what Zimbabwe could be if we made room for the NEW. They are women of courage and conviction. The trio and all young people are the embodiment of a New Zimbabwe we can create in which young women can freely participate in political activity and nation building.” -Byo24