A South African woman is regretting ever trusting her tenant with her daughter after she vanished into thin air with her daughter.

According to iHarare it has been established that Thabisa from Zimbabwe allegedly kidnapped Mmamoya Thelejane four-year-old daughter Relebogile on Friday last week.

Thelejane used to let Thabisa take her daughter Relebogile to the shops without her worrying about anything. Just like any other day on Friday, Thelejane let Thabisa go with her daughter to her workplace to collect her salary.

When Thabisa took to long to return with her daughter she tried to contact her so that she could establish where they were however, all her calls kept on going to voice mail which caused her to panic.

Thelejane has learned the hard way as Thabisa disappeared into thin air with her daughter. Up till now she still has not returned and all efforts to contact her are futile as her number goes straight to voice mail.

Speaking to a local publication, Thelejane said she fears that she might not see her daughter ever again as she suspects that Thabisa might have crossed the border into Zimbabwe with her daughter.

“We fear she might cross the border with our daughter and we may never see her again,” said Thelejane, who lives in Makause squatter camp in Germiston in Ekurhuleni.

“It didn’t worry me. I trusted her. We lived with her boyfriend for years and she came to join him in January,” said Thelejane, who lives in Makause squatter camp in Ekurhuleni.

Relebogile’s dad, Molapo Khamo said he still can’t comprehend that Thabisa would do something of that nature given the fact that she had always been friendly and kind to them.

Thelejane said the last time she saw her daughter she was wearing blue jeans, a cream white T-shirt with the word “Awesome”, pink and white tracksuit top, and with braids on her head.

The police in South Africa are already investigating the case and are calling upon anyone who might have information on the kidnapping to come forward and assist the police with their investigation. -iHarare