In an incident that appears to have been plucked from some award winning epic comedy, a youthful sangoma who refused to pay for services rendered to him by a commercial sex worker he had hired for a quickie ended up losing his bag full of charms and bones from the thigh vendor.

Reports say the sangoma, a one Hlongwane from Inyathi, in Matabeleland South Province, apparently invited trouble for himself after he decided to quench his wild appetite for se_x on a hooker, who had initially tabled US$10 for the hanky-panky before eventually shifting goal posts saying she had, infact, charged the n’anga $15.

In her justification of the sudden US$5 top-up, the hooker said it accounted for the oral sex she had with the sangoma client.

So catastrophic was the loss of the ‘weighty’ bag containing the apparatus of his trade amid reports that the traditional healer had initially bragged that his powerful spells and magic charms could cure ‘all kinds of illnesses’.

The drama-filled incident is said to have occured last Sunday.

Inyathi inhabitants told the state media that Hlongwane is infamous for his sexcapades with hookers at the business centre.

“All hell broke loose after the sangoma refused to pay the $15 he had been charged. He was initially charged US$10 for a quickie but after sex the prostitute refused to take the money and informed him that the price had gone up because she had also offered him oral sex.

“His refusal, however, prompted the prostitute to grab his bag containing his bones and other charms.The prostitute later called her colleagues who came and mobbed the sangoma while accusing him of being ungrateful.

“Normalcy only returned after the sangoma promised to pay the amount in question,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

The source further said the sangoma was left embarrassed by the incident.

“He felt hopeless, violated and deprived and he threatened to curse the prostitute’s privates,” the source said.

The sangoma refused to entertain questions from reporters.

state media
additional reporting: Zwnews