Police “chefs” redeployed for incompetence

By William Milasi

Incompetence to curb ever increasing crime has seen major redeployments of senior cops in Kwekwe to remote areas.

Kwekwe has been hit by a spate of house breaks, armed robberies, machete murders and sprouting shebeens.

It has been gathered that senior cops based at Mbizo police station have been redeployed to rural stations after allowing the gold mining city to turn into a crime haven under their watch.

Police in Kwekwe are currently battling with the problem of house breaks especially in Kwekwe’s leafy surburbs.

The gold mining city has also been seized with machete murders which have been caused by illegal gold panners who are locked in turf wars.

According to sources Midlands Provincial boss Senior Assistant Commissioner Abigail Moyo is believed to have dispatched the message of the redeployment of the senior cops.

The redeployments are belivied to have been effected by the Provincial boss as according to a radio Signal Number AM 963/17 from Midlands Propol Senior Assistant Commissioner Abigail Moyo dated 06/06/17.

It has been gathered that the Officer in Charge of Mbizo police station Inspector Kambulula has been transferred to Buchwa were he has been demoted to officer in charge operations.

Whilst his deputy Assistant Commissioner Gwenya who was in charge of crime has been transferred to Lalapanzi.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Major Godfrey Chizhongo who has been in charge of discipline was placed at Mataga in Mberengwa.

When top police “chefs” from the headquarters at PG visited the place for inspection of upholding the police standards the station scored a paltry 18%.

It has been gathered that dereliction to duty and gross incompetence had taken centre stage at the station.

Inefficiency within the station saw dockets taking long to be finalised and crime supervision hit a nose dive a situation which saw unsustainable levels of machete murders, mushrooming of shebeens and a host of anti-social activities.

At least 47 non-commissioned officers from the province have been redeployed.

Police bosses from Mbizo are going to be replaced by officers from Mataga, Manoti and Nembudzia.

Speaking in an interview with this publication recently Kwekwe Central Legislator Masango Matambanadzo expressed displeasure on the laxity of the operations of the police in Kwekwe.

Said Matambanadzo, “We have been struck with a disturbing wave of crime and police in the area are very ineffective to act. If the situation persists I will be left with no choice but to have them redeployed.”       

Recently Home Affairs Deputy Minister Obendingwa Mguni said that nearly 360 police officers were suspended from duty last year for various acts of misconduct.

“When the police are trained and deployed on the ground, some are doing other things that are not according to the police policy as a force, which they need to be disciplined on,” he said

“The disciplining mechanism which is there in the police has actually seen the suspension of 357 police officers last year who had been doing other things that are outside their working scope,” Mguni told parliamentarians.