By Shakespeare Muzavazi

In an incident that left court attendees in unquenchable shock, a Shurugwi man recently struck his biological father with a machete after receiving a prophecy that he was behind the mental sickness affecting his son.

Wellington Maturure (44) of Gare village under Chief Nhema appeared before Magistrate Musaiona Shotgame for contravening section 3 (1) of the Domestic Violence Act  chapter 5: 16.

Prosecuting, Nyengeterai Nechirava told the court that on the 4th of June 2017  at around 18 40 hrs the accused called his father Cleopas Maturure (64) to his homestead , the two later proceed to see a prophet in a bid to get  spiritual insight on the cause of Wellington’s  son’  mental illness.

The prophet prophesied that the complainant that his father Cleopas was behind his son’s mental illness.

When the two arrived at the accused house, the accused demanded an explanation and wanted the complainant to undo what he had done to his son, the complainant tried to convince the accused that the prophecy was fake hence they had to seek the consultation of another spiritual source.

Wellington did not want to take any of his father’s advice; instead he called him a wizard.

After incessant  battle of words Wellington  struck Cleopas with a machete, twice on the right hand and twice on the right leg , when he fell down, William struck again once on the left leg.

Wellington’s mother who also happens to be Cleopas’ wife   reported the matter at Tongogara police station leading to the instant arrest of the accused.

Cleopas incurred deep cuts from the machete attack and was treated at Shurugwi General Hospital; the medical report from the hospital was also used as incriminating evidence against Wellington.

Sentencing, Magistrate Shotgame slapped Wellington Maturure with a four year prison sentence of which a year was suspended and Maturure would serve three effective years in prison.