The death of business mogul James Makamba’s son, Zororo, who became the first Zimbabwean to succumb to the catastrophic coronavirus pandemic, could have been avoided if the Government of Zimbabwe prioritised its medical facilities, opposition MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti has said.

Zororo was laid to rest this Tuesday afternoon.
Biti also said it is necessary for the Harare administration to put the country under immediate lockdowns as suggested by various personalities and groups, including his boss Nelson Chamisa. He also called upon the national leadership to ‘come out clean on number of infections and deaths’ related to the deadly coronavirus.
“Zimbabwe is not ready for (coronavirus and) when this point is made this is not politics . (Zororo’s) death was avoidable (and) statement released by the family is proof of criminal negligence. #Wilkins does not have #ventilators , it does not even have plugs . No other facility is ready”, fumed Biti.
He the sole coronavirus medical facility, Wilkins Hospital, does not even have water and that staffers at the hospital ‘clearly appear (to be) scared’.
“The (government) should mobilize international help particularly from #China. It must also come clean on number of infections (and) deaths. Vic Falls (and) Hwange appear to be in eye of the storm. Disease requires leadership”, Biti wrote on his Twitter handle.
He also added that the next seven days are ‘critical for Zimbabwe to break momentum (and) avoid curve peaking’.
Added Biti:
“A lockdown for two weeks as called for by Advocate (Nelson Chamisa) was only way foward.The country is going through a lot already without #COVID . Same was an opportunity of unity & leadership”.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared coronavirus and on Monday announced further restrictions as a measure to curb the spread of the pandemic.