Image: H-Metro

Trending weightlifter and self-proclaimed Zimbabwe’s strongest man Arnold Oxman Zikhali has stunned fans after revealing his love life.

Oxman revealed this in an interview last night on Star FM with DJ Ollah 7’s viral show On The Spot.

Oxman, who is 36 years old, told DJ Ollah 7 that he is still single. He said he is still focused on pushing his career so he gets on the international stage.

The award-winning presenter then asked when Oxman expects to marry, and he revealed that he will settle down and start a family at 40. DJ Ollah 7 pressed him to get why he does not want to marry yet, and the strongman declined to divulge his reasons.

“Hapana chiri kunetsa. Hapana kana problem. 40 ndiyo time yangu chaiyo. Izvezvi kuchiri early. Ko ndiri kumhanyirei? Hapana chekumhanyira apa.”

Oxman, however, admitted that because of his newfound fame, women are throwing themselves at him.

“Vanenge vachiuya vachiti ‘Chimbondisimudza. Haiwa haundigoni.’ Paunomusimudza paya pays smile yaanenge achirova.

“Haaa kuuya vari kuuya. Inini as a strong man ka, ndakatozviudza ndega kutoti nguva yangu ikakwana ndichazviita. But for the mean time ndongomira. 40 dzaapadhuze. Four years to go.”

Zikhali also spoke about his extensive dietary regime and revealed that his manager takes care of the expenses that come with it as he is currently not working and focusing on building his strength and training.

The manager told DJ Ollah 7 that they have been receiving an outpouring of love as people are donating money for Arnold Oxman Zikhali.

He added that the expenses he is incurring to satisfy Oxman’s gigantic appetite are justified as they are investing in the strong man’s potential and catapulting him to international stardom.