Hundreds of Zimbabwe People First party supporters of different backgrounds attended a weekend rally addressed by former Zanu PF central committee member and Zimbabwe People First Harare Province leader Mr Munyaradzi Banda, who together with other speakers expressed anger over the  use of violence by the ruling party against opposition movements.

Different speakers took the opportunity to cleanse themselves from their past association with Zanu PF while also declaring that their leader Joice Mujuru was a reformed person fully embracing multipartism and democracy.

While addressing the meeting former Zanu PF spokesperson told the gathering that the 2008 presidential elections were clearly won by Morgan Tsvangirai.

“We know how rigging is done because we were once with them.

I was responsible for the propaganda and in 2018 we will be monitoring them so we don’t have another Nikuv, we will be watching every step,” Matonga said.

Banda said he was there when Border Gezi Youth Program was set up.

“We started Border Gezi You Camp before it was snatched by thieves. It was a good program but it was taken over and became rogue,” he said.

Among those who attended the rally were  former Zanu PF heavyweights including  Paul Chimedza and Gift Nyandoro.