There was drama at a Victoria Falls police roadblock when an officer almost chocked to death last week when he tried to swallow a $10 note he had taken from a motorist as bribe money.

A certain Constable Mabiwa  decided to swallow evidence when he was unexpectedly approached by one of his bosses at a roadblock in the Victoria Falls area.

“Chief Superintendent Commanding Fairbridge, Masiya who was in the resort town to carry out routine anti-corruption work arrived at the roadblock unexpectedly and asked to see Constable Mabiwa’s declaration books,” said Nonceba Dube who witnessed the incident.

“As Masiya was going through the book and counting the money, he noticed that the money for fines was over by $5.

“He questioned Mabiwa about the anomaly but the Constable insisted that his boss had failed to count the money properly.

“As Masiya was talking to other two police officers who were at the roadblock, Mabiwa snatched the money from his boss and ran into the bush.”

Dube said other police officers tried to give chase but failed to catch up prompting them to fire warning shots.

“As he was running, he tried to swallow the money but unfortunately, it choked him and he collapsed,” Dube said.

“Officers had to do first aid until he spit the money and regained consciousness,” she said.

Mabiwa was immediately arrested and taken to a local police station.

Pictures of the officer getting few punches while unconscious have gone viral on social media.

Zimbabwe Republic Police  chiefs have been breathing fire after some rogue Harare officers were apprehended by locals while demanding bribe at a makeshift roadblock.