A prominent Zanu PF activist from Kwekwe has warned that the amplified abuse of Chrystal Methamphetamine, also known in street lingo as Mutoriro will result in the ‘extinction’ of the youthfolk in ten years ‘ time.

According to the ruling party’s Midlands provincial secretary for Education Tapiwa Muto, the abuse of meth by the youths has to be dealt with promptly, lest the country loses more youths in the coming decade.

A close ally of State Security Minister Owen Ncube, Muto took to macro-blogging Facebook to raise his concern over the alleged abuse of the second most dangerous drug after cocaine by, especially the youths.

“Chinhu chapedza vanhu ichi. In the next 10 years tinenge tisisina mayouths. Saka toita sei?” Muto rhetorically questioned.

There is a general belief that since the beginning of the Covid19-induced national lockdown in March last year, there has been a surge in the abuse of Chrystal methamphetamine, otherwise known as Gukamakafalla by its users.