Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says a Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) District Intelligence Officer has told him that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not the one running the country’s affairs.

Mliswa says, the CIO officer which he only identified as Nheta told him that the problem today is that most political decisions are being done by Auxilia Mnangagwa and her son Emmerson Mnangagwa junior and not President Mnangagwa as should be the case.

“However, he told me that the problem today is that most political decisions are made by the First Lady and Jnr. For example he predicted, accurately, that Muswere and Wadyajena would return as winners because they are close to Jnr & have some mutual deals with him, respectively,” he says.

He adds that Nheta further told him that CIO officers are now living in poverty.

“Nheta actually informed me about the financing of FAZ which has seen some of them getting as much as US$10 000 to rig the primary elections while the CIO officers get US$200 plus some RTGs. All the finer financial details I have about the CIO he told me.”

Mliswa however, said it is disheartening that Nheta went on to sell him out.

“It’s unfortunate when people who you converse with in trust turn on you and sell-out. I always say our conversations have to be private but one of my CIO sources DIO Nhete has decided to be a smart alec. I went to school with Nheta & he was my senior but he has gone rogue!

Mliswa says:

“As a CIO operative he confided in me until he thought to be to clever for nothing. Recently, I met with Nheta at the airport and we spoke as usual. He invited a lady he was with and we spoke for a long time in the understanding that this was as before.”

Below are Mliswa’s thread:

He confided in me how I should be wary about the First Lady & Jnr because they don’t like me & have repeatedly influenced ED against me. According to him, the First Lady has assumed too much political authority over ED & not many could go against her by telling ED the truth.

Nheta also urged me to speak out about the poor working conditions for the CIO since ED’s emergence as President & said he is still wearing suits he bought when Mugabe was President. He was allegedly also removed from being part of ED’s protection unit due to tribalism.

According to him working conditions have gone bad. During Mugabe he said they could return from foreign trips with enough money to buy stands or houses. Not now, only a clique was benefitting. I explained to Nheta that some of these issues I have already raised in Parliament.

However, I told him as CIO they should be focusing on resolving the wrinkle of 2018 when ED got less votes than his party’s MPs. Instead of diverting funds towards FAZ, which he also complained about, I said they should focus on gauging if the field had shifted towards ED.

Apparently, one of the main reasons why late former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was toppled had been said to be that he let his wife Grace run the affairs of the country.

Supposedly because of old age, it was alleged that Mugabe let his wife run the show.