Popular politician Nelson Chamisa has responded to vice president Constantino Chiwenga’s mockery that he should be a goat herder than being in politics.

Chiwenga addressing a gathering in Harare East, he said:

“They said Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana. Getting where? The boy should be a goat herder. He should grow up and do things the proper way. He cannot continue to be self-centred, if he wants power he should join others.”

He added: “The Harare East by-elections have afforded us an opportunity to correct and restore the political status quo and correct the mistake of the August 2023 elections.”

Meanwhile, Chamisa in his response warned Chiwenga to mind his words, saying David who defeated Goliath was a ‘goat herder.’

“IT’S GAME ON…Do you know that the giant Goliath was defeated by David the goat herder and a mere shepherd,” said Chamisa.