Why is Uebert Angel an Ambassador Plenipotentiary, in the first place?

The question arises because it boggles the mind why he has a diplomatic status at all, one which is said to cover 38 countries in Europe and the Americas; when he has demonstrated beyond doubt that he is not fit for purpose?

Al Jazeera have branded him as the “Diplomatic Mafia”.

He does not have the experience or training in diplomacy.  Everything he is captured saying or doing in the ‘Gold Mafia’ documentary is haur-raising and betrays a person whose disposition is to act either criminally or dishonestly.

He shows no qualms about using his diplomatic status to entertain people who openly introduce themselves to him as criminals with over one billion United States dollars of dirty money they want to clean without being detected, and he is willing and eager to help them to launder the money, using his diplomatic passport for a handsome commission.

In the documentary, he is taken and repeatedly presented as “a senior representative of the Government of Zimbabwe.”

It is obvious that @AJIunit  must have realised his breathtaking weaknesses and opportunistically decided to exploit them to the maximum extent possible.

Uebert Angel is the proverbial “Chinotimba” of the Al Jazeera documentary.

He succeeds with no effort to bring both the State and Government of Zimbabwe into disrepute. The Al Jazeera documentary has catapulted him into a tragic figure of national shame.

Hence, the question, why is Uebert Angel an Ambassador Plenipotentiary?

Jonathan Moyo