The Zimbabwe security forces have been lambasted for parading the bodies of the two gunmen who shot soldiers in Chivhu on Saturday.

The two assailants shot at the soldiers, leaving one dead while the other survived, but was left nursing wounds.

Meanwhile, upon locating and killing the two assailants, the security forces allegedly went on to parade the dead bodies on the streets.

As they parade the bodies, people could be seen crowding a police truck, as they jostle to get a glimpse of the bodies.

For some, this could have been done to supposedly show members of the public that crime does not pay.

However, former cabinet Minister, David Coltart says parading dead bodies was not a good idea and should be investigated.

“The story circulating that murder suspects were killed extra judicially and their bodies then paraded through the streets of Chivhu must be investigated.

“If true it is unlawful & barbaric and not the conduct of any civilized society or government,” he said.

Human Rights Watch Southern Africa, Director, Dewa Mavhinga also added his voice condemning the parading of the bodies, describing the act as spine-chilling.

“Chivhu is my home town. The spate of extra-judicial killings over the last 24hours and the parading or dead bodies on the streets is spine-chilling.”