President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has accused popular politician Nelson Chamisa’s allies of wanting to highjack Workers Day celebrations held in the capital yesterday.

“Of course it shows this wasn’t a workers’ event, but a Blue Rally seeking to take advantage of Workers’ Day.

“ZCTU acted correctly to sieved out impostors,” said Charamba via one of his ghost X handle Donzamusoro007.

His comments comes a suspected Chamisa camp, led by Gift Ostallos Siziba was blocked from giving a solidarity speech at the Workers’ Day event in Highfield by Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions officials.

They had to leave early, and their supporters, the majority of the attendees, followed suit, leaving the stadium empty.

Apparently, former ZCTU president Peter Mutasa is on record saying the organization has been captured by the ruling party ZANU PF.