There were episodes of free drama at Kwekwe  Magistrate Court when a man who was about to be convicted for assault Collapsed.

Portipha Musiiwa (49) and his son, who were facing charges of assaulting a man who was fixing their car, collapsed after magistrate, Mr Storey Rushambwa started reading out the judgment, sending the gallery into panic.

The magistrate ended up putting proceedings on hold to allow for Musiiwa to be attended to and after an hour, the court proceeding continued.

Musiiwa and his son were sentenced to 3 months in prison each, which was wholly suspended.

The court ruled the duo teamed up against Mr. Ndiwoneyi who they accused of taking too much time to repair their damaged vehicle. Musiiwa allegedly hit the complainant once on the back of the head, shoulder and right hand with an iron bar.