Former minister of education David Coltart has lashed out at magistrates and public prosecutors accusing them of promoting injustice in the country.

Coltart says while politicians are the chief culprits in driving unprofessionalism, the magistrates and public prosecutors have not helped things either.

“Whilst politicians are behind this injustice we must never forget the unprofessional prosecutors, Magistrates & Judges who have facilitated this outrage,” he says.

Coltart who is also a human rights lawyer, says in addition all lawyers who remain silent in the face of this outrage are also complicit.

Apparently, the country’s judiciary recently went through a litmus test to which according to critics it dismally failed, after giving ZANU PF Member of Parliament Mayor Wadyajena bail at the time others are being denied bail for political reasons.

Wadyajena was recently arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission on fraud allegations involving US$5 million.

He was granted bail the day after while the likes of Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole have been denied bail on charges of inciting public violence.