The Zimbabwean Government has developed the Bolvac vaccine to combat January disease, undergoing field trials in Makoni district to eventually roll out nationwide.

The vaccine aims to counteract tick-borne diseases responsible for over 65% of cattle deaths in Zimbabwe in recent years.

As reported by the Zimbabwe Economic Review, the government aims to double the national herd to 11 million cattle by 2030 through public-private partnerships.

Government programs and interventions are underway focusing on revitalizing the cattle industry by improving breeds, expanding infrastructure, promoting disease control measures, and bolstering support for rural farming communities to enhance food security and economic growth.

Zimbabwe has declared a national war against January disease following an upsurge in cases and deaths of livestock across the country.

Several awareness activities have been lined up in collaboration with traditional leaders and other community leaders as part of broader effort to fight the tick-borne disease.

Signs of an animal affected by January disease include swelling of the lymph nodes under the ears and on the shoulder, cloudiness of the eyes, difficulty in breathing with froth from the nose and mouth.

The affected animal collapses and dies within few days. January disease is a notifiable disease in Zimbabwe and when suspected farmers are compelled by the law to report to the Division of Veterinary Services.