HARARE: MDC youths are planning to take to the streets against the profligacy of President Robert Mugabe’s sons.

“We note with concern that while the youth in the country are wallowing in poverty, Mugabe’s two sons Robert Junior and Chatunga are splashing millions of our money in South Africa and living large at the expense of the sweat of our parents. Given their abuse of money and drugs, we now know who stole the huge chunk of the missing $15 billion,” MDC youth leader, Chidziva said.

Chidziva said Mugabe must now step down from office. “We are saying to Mugabe, leave office while you can still salvage your fazed legacy. It is not a secret anymore, that Mugabe deserves to be in an old people’s home and is no longer fit to be the country’s leader,” he said.

“He is visibly tired, clueless and has nothing new to offer than sleeping everywhere and anywhere he sits. We cannot allow a 93-year-old man to lead us. We have become a laughing stock to the whole world for abusing an old man,” he added.