The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission says it is laying open the Delimitation Voters’ Roll for inspection from the 17th to 26th of July 2022.

The electorate is encouraged to visit the polling stations where they are registered to vote or dial *265# or online platform

Meanwhile, delimitation is the process of dividing the country into constituencies and wards for the purposes of elections of persons to constituency seats in the National Assembly and of councillors to local authorities.

The process is carried out in terms of sections 160 and 161 of the new Constitution.

Once every ten years, on a date or within a period fixed by the Commission so as to fall as soon as possible after a population census, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission must conduct a delimitation of the electoral boundaries into which Zimbabwe is to be divided.

If a delimitation of electoral boundaries is completed less than six months before polling day in a general election, the boundaries so delimited do not apply to that election, and instead the boundaries that existed immediately before the delimitation are applicable.

The boundaries of constituencies must be such that, so far as possible, at the time of delimitation equal numbers of voters are registered in each constituency within Zimbabwe.