Rabble-rousing social media fact-checking site, Team Pachedu has continued to poke into the questionable operations of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)- accused of doctoring the voters’ roll to rig polls- amid latest findings that the electoral governing body registered hundreds of voters at the same house in Victoria Falls’ Chinotimba suburb, who are incredulously designated different electoral wards.

“In Victoria Falls, hundreds of Chinotimba residents who share the SAME HOUSE are voting in DIFFERENT WARDS. While we first found out about this Chinotimba mix-up in the 2022 (voters’ roll), we also found the same anomaly in the 2018 (voters’ roll). Why is ZEC ILLEGALLY mixing up wards?” tweeted Team Pachedu Wednesday morning.

Describing itself as ‘patriotic Zimbabwean citizens who strive to promulgate the culture of transparency, responsibility and accountability without any fear or favour’,  a diapason of locals have hailed Team Pachedu for bringing the current regime to accountability through its fact-finding and verifiable disclosures on digital platforms.

Here are some of the recent disclosures that Team Pachedu has made in the run-up to the impending March 26 byelections and the 2023 synchronised polls:

Yesterday, we asked ZEC to explain why similar addresses are being assigned different constituencies. We are discovering thousands more such cases which were carried forward from the 2018VR to the 2022VR.

In Mutare, we have discovered that in 2018, ZEC ILLEGALLY assigned different constituencies to many Chikanga residents who share the same addresses. This anomaly is also in the 2022 roll and affects Mutasa South & Dangamvura/Chikanga. This is unconstitutional! #ZECmustExplain

Below are some of the fake IDs in the voters’ roll. Zimbabwean IDs are authenticated using MOD23 on the numbers before the letter. If you divide these numbers by 23, the remainder determines the letter on your ID. ZEC failed to pick these fake IDs.


The ZEC system is very vulnerable. As an example, most South African websites authenticate IDs automatically when you sign up. Now, imagine that a GVT-funded body like ZEC does not have similar controls for quality assurance. They must be disbanded!
Below, we have two relatives who reside at the same house in Glenview 7, Harare. However, they will be voting under completely different constituencies, i.e. Glen Norah and Glenview South. Many people are facing the same predicament. How is this even possible?