Linda Masarira’s Husband Arrested

In a dramatic turn of events, Linda Masarira, a prominent political figure, has been discharged from the hospital and is now recuperating at her residence. The veil of secrecy surrounding her hospitalization has been lifted, revealing disturbing allegations that have led to the arrest of her husband.

The reason behind Masarira’s hospital stay, previously undisclosed, has now come to light. Reports suggest that she was admitted after allegedly enduring a violent assault at the hands of her spouse, Bongani Mlotshwa.

Unverified accounts indicate that Masarira sustained severe injuries, including the loss of her left eye, allegedly inflicted during the assault by her husband. Disturbing claims have surfaced on social media platforms, with one user alleging that Masarira confronted her husband after discovering him in a compromising situation with her 22-year-old daughter.

In the wake of the alleged incident, Masarira’s husband was swiftly apprehended by authorities from Hatfield police station. While Masarira herself has not delved into specifics, her cryptic remarks on social media hint at the gravity of the situation.

As the saga unfolds, both Masarira and her husband are expected to appear in court on Monday to address the allegations of gender-based violence (GBV) that have rocked the nation.

Linda Masarira confirmed some of the developments mentioning that she was assaulted after questioning what was happening.

“Woroverwa kuvhunza kuti chii chirikuitika pano wabata vanhu. Ndangoti Mwari itai kuda kwenyu ndega handigone” Linda Masarira shared her horror discovery.

Linda Masarira and her husband are expected to make a court appearance on Monday for a Gender-based Violence (GBV) matter.