Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa says village heads in rural Zimbabwe are living in fear after being intimidated by ZANU-PF thugs who are warning them against supporting opposition parties.

Chamisa has told villagers they can wear ZANU-PF T-shirts for their safety, but vote for the CCC.

Meanwhile, Chamisa abandoned a rally in Gokwe after ZANU-PF thugs unleashed violence.

His motorcade was chased by a dozen of vehicles belonging to ZANU-PF members.

Apparently, Chamisa says July Moyo was the ringleader of the gang the gave his motorcade a chase.

“We’ve received reports that Larry Mavhima & July Moyo were co-ordinating the orgy of violence in Gokwe today.

“Zanu thugs using over 29 cars & armed with AK47s & other weapons were involved in a high speed chase against President @nelsonchamisa’s convoy,” CCC said yesterday.