A woman (40) of Chisiku village, Chief Chitsungo, in Pfungwe, who was in a polygamous marriage (married to the same man with her own daughter) has killed her husband after a dispute.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police the woman has since been arrested.

On 19 November 2020, the woman had a misunderstanding with her husband.

After retiring to bed, she woke up and struck her husband with an axe.

She then went on to struck her daughter using the same axe.

The man died from the injuries while the daughter escaped and alerted neighbours, and a police report was made.

The police launched a manhunt and the woman was later arrested in Mt Darwin on 20/11/20.

In a related matter, police in Inyathi are looking for a group of seven male adults who fatally assaulted a man (29) after suspecting him of having stolen some gold ore from their mine on 19/11/20.

The group assaulted the victim using logs and took him to their mine where he later died.