Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa who is accused of neglecting party leader Job Sikhala says he has done a lot for political prisoners.

Sikhala has been in jail for over 470 days without trial, and Chamisa is being accused of not doing much to demand his release.

However, Chamisa says solidarity is one CCC’s core values, adding that the party has done a lot in that regard.

“Solidarity is one of our key and core values as a Citizens movement. We have done a lot under difficult circumstances to support all political prisoners and their families.

“And we will continue this to the best of our ability until all are free,” says Chamisa.

He also urged those in power not to think they will live for ever, but to rather treat others well:

“Remember this…It doesn’t matter how powerful or special you may appear to be.

“Great men once dominated this earth. And their end came. The earth is not yours!! You shall surely exit !! Just be good to others!”