Temba Mliswa, a prominent politician, has come forward with allegations of being defrauded in a car transaction worth $25,000. The transaction involved former Chegutu Rural District Council Chairman, Tatenda Gwinji, who had recently been released on amnesty after serving a six-month sentence for another offense.

According to Mliswa, he paid the full amount for the vehicle purchased from Gwinji but never received the car. Despite reporting the incident to authorities and Gwinji’s subsequent arrest on fraud charges, Mliswa expressed disappointment over the breach of trust by someone with whom he had a longstanding working relationship.

Mliswa emphasized his desire for the return of his money with interest, highlighting Gwinji’s failure to fulfill earlier promises of repayment through legal representatives. He asserted that if restitution is not made, Gwinji must face the full legal consequences of his actions.