FORMER football administrator, Twine Ibrahim Phiri, who was facing allegations of neglecting his two minor children, has been acquitted.

In her ruling, magistrate Amanda Muridzo said that the State failed to prove that Phiri did not pay the money as he was ordered by the court.

 Phiri, 49, pleaded not guilty when he initially appeared before magistrate Muridzo on allegations of defaulting maintenance.

In his defence, Phiri said that he gave Keresiya US$7000 for school fees but was shocked when the school phoned him over fees arrears.

Phiri also said he was in possession of his ex-wife’s bank statement which showed abuse of the money he gives her to maintain the children.

He added that his children have never missed a day at school as he communicates with the school authorities on school fees payment plan.

The State, represented by Lovemore Siyamunda alleged that on June 22, 2017, Twine Phiri was ordered by a Chitungwiza Civil court magistrate to pay a maintenance fee of $1 942 for the upkeep of his two minor children, pay school fees and to buy their school uniforms twice a year.

The State alleged that Phiri defaulted maintenance and was owing over $11 000. state media