In a heart-wrenching incident, Dr. Adroph Dube, a dedicated medical professional at Chiredzi General Hospital, tragically collapsed and passed away during a bus journey from Harare to Chiredzi. The somber news was confirmed by Chiredzi District Medical Officer (DMO), Brian Dhlandhlara, in a statement to The Mirror.

The exact circumstances surrounding his sudden demise are yet to be fully elucidated, and arrangements for his final farewell are still pending. Mourning for the departed doctor has brought together friends and colleagues, who have gathered at his residence in the hospital doctors’ quota.

Dr. Dube’s untimely illness and collapse occurred while he was on a bus near Chivhu, en route from Harare to his destination in Chiredzi. In a bid to seek immediate medical attention, he was swiftly transported to Chivhu District Hospital. However, it is with profound sadness that we report he was pronounced dead upon arrival, with this devastating event unfolding around 11 PM.

Chiredzi District Medical Officer, Brian Dhlandhlara, expressed deep sorrow at the loss of Dr. Dube, noting, “I am saddened by the passing of Dube. He was a devoted doctor.”

Dr. Adroph Dube had been an integral part of the Chiredzi District Hospital community since 2014, where he tirelessly served the medical needs of the community. In addition to his contributions in the public sector, he also operated a private surgery, further demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the field of medicine.

As the Chiredzi community mourns the loss of a dedicated medical professional, the legacy of Dr. Adroph Dube will be remembered with gratitude and respect.