Ethan Moyo, a prominent and influential businessman known for his close association with Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-at-large, Prophet Uebert Angel, recently found himself at the center of a high-stakes fake gold scam, orchestrated by Zambian individuals.

Moyo entered into an agreement with David Kayula, who posed as a gold dealer, agreeing to regular supplies of gold under their arrangement. The deal transpired with Moyo providing a substantial sum of money to Kayula in exchange for the promised gold, accompanied by assurances that the delivery would occur promptly, following the completion of essential export documentation.

Disconcertingly, after a protracted nine-day delay, Kayula eventually delivered the consignment. To Moyo’s profound disappointment, upon testing the gold, it was revealed to be counterfeit. In response to this fraudulent act, Moyo promptly reported the incident to both Zambian authorities and enlisted the assistance of private investigators.

Ethan Moyo retains documents pertaining to Kayula’s identity, residential address, and counterfeit mineral trading permits, all of which constitute vital evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Acknowledging the substantial financial losses incurred in this intricate deception, Moyo disclosed, “Yes, it is true. I was duped of millions of dollars by a Zambian company. I have since reported the case to the authorities, and private investigators are already working on the case.”

Ethan Moyo boasts an extensive and diversified business portfolio encompassing various sectors, including gold mining, private equity, oil, gas, real estate, and consumer goods. This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the vigilance required in the realm of high-value business transactions and the necessity for robust safeguards against fraudulent activities.