In a tragic incident, Norman Mawungwa, a well-known Zanu PF activist, was found deceased in a village under Chief Mawungwa, where he had taken his own life. Mawungwa’s suicide note, left behind for his son Joe, reveals deep regret over his past involvement in corruption and violence in Gutu South.

Mawungwa expressed a poignant belief that his family and the Mawungwa chieftainship had pushed him into this extreme decision, accusing them of incessantly tormenting him over his violent and corrupt actions.

He also implicated his close political associates, including the Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Gutu South and a war veteran known as Mudukuti, as individuals who were aware of the reasons behind his tragic end, emphasizing their intimate friendship.

Despite his notoriety as one of the most prominent political figures in Gutu South, Mawungwa humbly appealed for support from his family and Zanu PF to ensure a dignified burial, as he had no funeral policy in place.

Mawungwa’s regret for his political involvement ran deep, and he lamented that he would never have engaged in such activities if he had known the anguish it would bring. He repeatedly uttered, “had I known, I wouldn’t have done such,” underscoring his remorse.

Furthermore, Mawungwa expressed discontent with his

He expresses displeasure in being associated with FAZ, a shadowy member of the CIO organization.
He says some people may think that he committed suicide because of the land he illegally sold. He says this was not because had it been about the land, the family would have been prepared to sit down with him and resolve the matter amicably. He said the clan, his family and in particular his brothers were not ready to forgive him for his involvement with FAZ.
“Joe mwanangu, ndini baba vako. Ndafunga kuzorora mwanangu musure mekushungurudzwa. Ndashungurudzwa zvikuru. Handina Kuziva, dei waro ndakaziva. Dei waro haitungamiri. Chikonzero vanhu vemhuri, vandishungurudza zvikuru nenyaya dzematongerwo enyika. (Joe my son, its your father. I have decided to rest after being tormented. I have been tormented a lot. I didn’t realize it will come to this. Had I known I would never have been involved. Family members and the whole clan are against my involvement in Zanu PF politics),” says the audio.
Togarepi cut off his phone when The Mirror called him for a comment.
Mudukuti a war veteran closely involved with Togarepi could not be reached for comment.
Mawungwa was found hanging at a cattle pen at his uncle house by a girl going to school this morning.
Mawungwa who spent the day yesterday at a funeral of an aunt claimed that his clan was handsomely paid by CCC to torment him. He says this intimate information was known by Togarepi and Mudukuti.
“Ndazorerei? Ndashungurudzika! VaMudukutu Cde vangu vane kamwe karuzivo kezvimwe zvandaivaudza kuti ini ndashunguridzika mukati memhuri nokuda kwezvematongerwe enyika. Chero pakauya vaTogarepi navaMbizvo vanoziva zvavakaitirwa (Why am a taking my life? I am tormented! Mudukuti my dear Cde knows that my clan is tormenting me over politics. Even Togarepi and Mbizvo know how they were treated when they came),” says the audio.