Wherever you live in Zimbabwe and whatever you do for a job, finding ways to have fun in your spare time is key. Of course, this can take many forms and involve many different pastimes. While this has been dominated by regional gaming powerhouses such as South Africa, other countries like Zimbabwe are now also beginning to develop their gaming industry.

But what lies behind this appetite for gaming in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa? Much can be put down to changing attitudes in society and how it is no longer seen as something bad, or portrayed in a negative light. As more young people grow up with a different take on playing games online for money, so the gaming industry throughout Africa develops.

We can also look at the last 12 months as a major catalyst. With many being stuck indoors, interest in leisure activities that can be carried out from the safety of the home has naturally grown. Despite Zimbabwe now looking for the route out of the pandemic, many of these cultural changes will stick around.

Improved mobile and internet connectivity has helped a lot and made gaming more accessible to Africans. There is also the greater range of safe and secure internet casinos to play at. As shown when comparing Zimbabwe’s top online casino choices like on trusted website Playcasino, the selection of sites to game at is now quite extensive. These sites not only keep you safe while playing but also provide a fun experience, with plenty of games to try out. When you factor in greater regulation around Africa to make gaming online legal and secure, it is no wonder that this sector has taken off to such an extent.

One other big factor in making gaming appealing to more people in Africa is the number of famous African sporting stars who promote it. But just who are we talking about here?


Didier Drogba

 Global sports star Didier Drogba is arguably one of the most famous faces around the continent. As well as turning out for the Ivory Coast in competitions like the African Cup of Nations, he also had a glittering spell with English Premier League club Chelsea. This link to English football is particularly crucial, with the UK game being followed so closely by many Africans. Even in Zimbabwe, gossip such as Liverpool’s current woes is always avidly lapped up. This gives Drogba a real connection with all Africans and he has recently used this to promote 10bet, the online casino and sportsbook brand.

Drogba signed a two-year deal in September 2019 to become a global brand ambassador for 10bet and promote all their services to the world. While many may focus on the sportsbook side due to his playing career, you can be certain that Drogba will also draw many players into the online casino part of 10bet’s operations.



 The footballer Yakubu is another big African sporting star to start promoting gaming. As with Drogba, he is a famous name across the continent, especially in his native Nigeria. With this country tipped to have the potential to rival big African gaming hotspots such as Egypt, his presence as a global ambassador for online casino/sportsbook Interwetten might help the firm appeal to more Nigerian players.

His fame across the whole of Africa is also a handy tool in helping them promote gaming on the continent in general. Yakubu’s deal is the first time that Interwetten has partnered with a global ambassador to promote its services, and this looks like a deal that should make gaming in Africa even bigger.


Teko Modise

 SportPesa is one of the biggest brands in gaming globally. With plans to break back into the scene in their home country of Kenya mooted in the future, they have recently partnered with Teko Modise as a brand ambassador. Modise is well known to sports fans in South Africa, where he made his name as a tough-tackling midfield player for Cape Town.

This looks like a smart move by the online casino and sportsbook to not only grow their audience in South Africa but also across the continent. As with Drogba and Yakubu, the presence of Modise should draw as many players into the casino gaming side of SportPesa as it does to their sportsbook operation.

Gaming in Africa promoted by famous local names

 Gaming has taken off in Africa in a major way in recent years. While there are many reasons for this, the promotion the industry has got from famous Africans has certainly helped. Much of this has come from famous sporting Africans who have relished the chance to get involved with this emerging new sector.