PRESIDENT MNANGAGWA’s government has backtracked on its controversial plan to evict Chilonga community in Chiredzi in favour of Dendairy, a company reportedly owned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Kwekwe business partners which planned to grow cattle grass to feed dairy cows.
Writing on social media, an activist hailed people’s victory against Zanu PF machinery:
ZANU PF backtracks on eviction of 12 500 Chilonga villagers. People must always speak out collectively against wrong things. Well done Zimbos for standing up against DenDairy greed, extractive and predatory politics with its ZANU PF handlers. We are happy to know that the clause that forced the Chilonga community to “depart permanently” from their ancestral land was eventually removed. This is a big win for Zimbabweans and this shows the real power of uniting together for a common cause.