Political commentators says with just few months before Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections opposition parties should forget about electoral reforms or wishful thinking that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) will be disbanded.

According to Kamunda Fainos the opposition has to be cognizant that they will get into the 2023 elections without electoral reform, no diaspora vote and that ZEC will not be disbanded.

Speaking during a discussion on OpenparlyZw, on lessons learnt from Kenya, Kamunda advised the opposition to encourage a lot of people to register to vote and forget about lobbying for reforms.

Another speaker, Cleopas Pedzisa said what Zimbabweans can learn from the Kenya elections is that depending on populism will not win anyone the election.

He added that in Zimbabwe it is a public secret that things are hard and the economy is not well, but the opposition should not bank on that and sit back.

“But it would be dangerous for the opposition to assume that people are tired of ZANU-PF and that they will vote for CCC,” he said.

He said William Ruto campaigned heavily telling convincing people, while Raila Odinga banked on popularity.

“So going into the election with populist notions will not win you the election but engaging all the people,” he added.