Fungayi Moyana

The small town of Chivhu was brought to a standstill and many people are living in fear as two criminals impostering as policeman robbed and assaulted a ecocash agent and are still at large.

Chivhu based Ecocash agent Brighton Rima was robbed US $3400 by two robbers in police uniforms after they tricked him into believing  that they were investigating a case.

In addition Rima also lost his mobile phone, drivers license, passport and bank cards as they assaulted him.

The incident happened at about 7pm at night when two men dressed in police uniform visited Rima’s house as they said they wanted to interview him as he was a witness in a certain case.

They purported to be taking him to the police station, but just when they reached a bushy area Rima experienced the shock of his life when one of the man hit him in the face with a clenched fist.

Falling to the ground the two started kicking Rima and accusing him of keeping illegal weapons in his house.

They handcuffed him and took him back to his house and searched the whole house and looted Rima of cash and other valuables in the presence of his family.

The two robbers then left swiftly telling Rima that they are coming back for further investigations.

Wasting no time Rima went to report the matter to the police station, but was shell shocked to find out that the two men were actually not police officers but robbers in police uniforms.

The two men are on the run and police is investigating further in this case.