Tinashe Zisengwe

Robbers armed with a pistol last night ambushed a security guard protecting Spar Supermarket in Gweru stealing a cellphone and cash tying both his hands and legs with a shoelace.

The shop’s manager Chrispen Thomu said the robbers gained entry at about 2pm by breaking back entrance door and cut open the roof, which they are suspected to have wanted to use as exit in case of attack.

They stole some beers and the security guard’s mobile phone.

The Criminal Investigations Department is currently investigating the robbery which was on closed circuit television.

It is reported they ordered the guard to show them where the shop’s money is kept, but he refused leading to the robbers to assault him all over the body.

The robbers are reported to have managed to get away with the security guard’s smart phone and a paltry US $5.50.